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Monday, 3 April 2017


After Long Time A New Post In Blog Which Is Awaited Post Directly To The Point Here Is Guide For Porting Lollipop Based Rom(Except Cyanogenmod)

  1. Your Stock Rom
  2. Port Rom (Which You Can To Port)
  3. Notepad++(If Any Editing Needed)
  4. A Working PC with windows OS Installed
  5. Brain
NOTE: Take Backup Of All Your Setup By Recovery And Don't Point Your Finger On Me Are Blog Are Any Dev 

Here I Am Just Posting The Method I Know And Booted Many Rom's Almost Bugless

1. Open Stock Rom Folder In New And Also Port Rom Folder In One More New Tab(Side-By-Side)

2. Replace Boot.img From Stock To Port Rom Folder

3. Open System Folder in Both Stock And Also Port Rom Folder

4. Open Folder System/bin Replace pq & vold From Stock To Port Rom

5. Open Folder System/etc Replace Wifi,Bluetooth,Firmwares From Stock To Port Rom

6. Open Folder System/lib Replace egl & hw Folder From Stock To Port Rom

7. Open Folder System/lib Replace Following From Stock To Port Rom
  • All Lib Starting With "libaudio"
  • libcamalgo.so
  • libcamdrv.so
  • libcameracustom.so
  • libsensorservices.so
  • libsync.so
  • libvcodecdrv.so 
 8. Open Folder System Replace Vendor From Stock To Port Rom

9. user file 

9. Open System/build.prop Compare Following With Stock To Port Rom If Any Changes Required Change Them
ro.product.model=Lava iris x1 grand
ro.product.board=Lava iris x1 grand


10. Now Open Meta-Inf And Navigate To com/google/android/updater-script and edit mounting points according to your Device

11. Congo You Ported A Rom ,Now Compress Port Rom In A Zip Flash And Enjoy

Stuck on bootlogo or black screen comes after boot logo = replace libMali.so from any working rom for ur device.
Location - system/lib

Screen upside down = open build.prop of ur port rom with notepad++ find this line ro.sf.hwrotation=180 and change 180 to 0 , if it is already 0 then change it to 180. 
If u will find more bugs then i m here to help u..

Download file for lava iris x1 grand

Now zip the rom and flash the rom!!!
Bug Fixing:
Just replace it from Stock ROM to your Custom ROMs.
Bootloop when porting:
*Repack boot.image
Showing black screen after logo:
RadioFM :
Sensors :
/system/etc/firmware (folder)
Bluetooth\Wifi not turning On\Off :
Bluetooth :
Wifi :
/system/bin/netd -> Fix wifi hotspot
/system/lib/libhardwarelegacy.so -> Fix wifi /system/lib/modules/mtk_stp_wmt.ko/system/lib/modules/mtk_wmt_wifi.ko
/system/etc/wifi (folder)
/system/etc/firmware (folder)
Camera :
system/lib/libfeatureio.so – camera not working
\system\lib\libcamer aprofile.so
\system\lib\libmhalcontent.s o
\system\etc\permission\android.hardware.camera.fro nt.xml
\system\lib\libOmx*.so -fix camcoder
\system\lib\libfeatureo.so -fix cam focus
# camera not working or force close or any other problem
copy all libs starting with /libcam*.so
#Camera showing wrong model in pic property?
Change model in build.prop
Still not working? Replace following file from STOCK to PORT
SD card/Memory:
\system\etc\vold.fstab -> edit file for swap internal and external
*Note:If not present leave this. from kitkat 4.4.x this file hase been moved into boot.img
Storage not mounting:
Decompile framework-res.apk using apktool or apk multitool and replace following file from STOCK framework-res.apk to PORT framework-res.apk
Touch Screen(Haptic):
/system/usr\keylayout\Generic.kl ->fix HomeKey
Sim1/2 (RIL):
\system\etc\permission (RIL)
\system\lib\libaudio* .so
/system/etc/hosts ->replace with new files or use tweak.
Resolution problem:
open build.prop and add following line
[ex: 240 but your dpi maybe deferent]
Pixalation in video:
Replace following file from STOCK to PORT
Flipped touch screen:
Replace following files from STOCK to PORT
LED not working:
Replace following files from STOCK to PORT
Fix Network / 3G Network:
/ system / etc / agps_profiles_conf
/ system / etc / APNs-conf
/ system / etc / epo-conf
/ system / etc / spn-conf
/ system / etc / virtual-spn-conf-by-efspn
/ system / etc / virtual-spn-conf-by-IMSI
For any queries comment below!!
Warning:Make a full nandroid backup through TWRP recovery before flashing!!
Sai charan [make guides ]
All My MTK Devs Friends 
Comment Below If I Missed You In The List 

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