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Monday, 7 November 2016

[6.0.1][STABLE][LATEST] CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582

CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582

Presenting you the long awaited CyanogenMod 13 For MT6582. This is real CM 13 based on Android 6.0. But this is the birth of CM 13 and it has a lot of bugs, so this ROM is only for testing purposes and to brag to your friends that you are using CM 13.0 on your MT6582.
Note : This is real CM 13 for MT6582, this ROM can be ported to all MT6582 devices running Android Kitkat with Kernel 3.4.67

Note : Do not report any bugs, or your inability to port and boot this ROM, this is very very early stage of ROM, but most of you should be able to boot it but with bugs ofcourse. 75% chance of booting.

As stated by Superdragonpt : Kernel 3.4.67 can boot CM 13 but it is too old to be able to boot a completely bugless CM 13 or Android 6.0 and as we know Mediatek does not release source code and vendor trees and because of this the developers need to use old .blobs which are not properly compatible with Android 6.0. Thus, you will face bugs but you can use it on your MT6582 device

This post was written by Ajit Guraya at www.mtkroms.com
Do not copy any of the content in this site and do not mirror any links. A lot of hard work has gone into making CM 13 for MT6582 possible. Give proper credits to each and every person mentioned below in Thanks To : Section. Appreciate the work done by all of the devs.
Download : CyanogenMod 13
Gapps : http://opengapps.org/ (ARM)
Please flash Gapps right after you flash CM13

- All CM 13 Features
- Based on real Androidd 6.0
- Much more
- This is a really early stage of ROM, lot of bugs but the ROM is stable enough for using and testing new features of CM 13
- Read the whole post
- I repeat do not report any bugs

Shreyansh Prajapati
- Fire855
- Ferhung
- Ajit Guraya
- ya.stuartx/بسام الكراي
- Xtreme Porting Team
- And all the others devs who have contributed to this

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