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Sunday, 16 October 2016

How To Root Lava iris x1 Grand

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Today I shall tell u how to root x1 Grand without pc.

Before that u must know what is rooting? what are merits and demerits of rooting?

Rooting is a process of overcoming limitations that manufacturers put on ur device..

Rooting gives permission to run specialized appz that require administration level permission , replace system appz and even replace device's os

U should also know that after rooting ur phone's warranty will void

I shall not be responsible for ur bricked phone , damaged sd card or anything.. U should do it at ur own risk

How to Root ur X1Grand -

 1. Download kingroot app (v4.0) from here 

2. Open it and click on root    

3. Then ur phone will start rooting    

4. After finishing, u'll get kinguser app installed in ur phone

5. Now,  u can uninstall kingroot, if u find any other app except kinguser then u can uninstall that also...

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